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franks only is the first golf community on-chain. for the golf obsessed, franks only consists of a collection of 8,000 NFTs––unique digital collectibles living on the Ethereum blockchain. franks only will create a new model for the golf community. not only will your token get you access to an exclusive marketplace, events, and golf tournaments, it will also gain you access to the first private golf course where your membership is granted through a franks only NFT. we're not talking about a golf course in the metaverse, we're talking about a golf course in the real world. we're building a real golf course for the franks. franks only.
each frank is unique and programmatically generated from 162 possible traits. some traits are more rare than others. The franks are stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain and hosted on IPFS. Purchasing a frank costs 0.1 ETH.
40 franks are being held back from the sale to save for giveaways and the creator's membership to the franks golf club.
the #franks-only discord channel opens for franks only holders. the franks clubhouse opens. an online portal where frank holders can create a profile and gain access to franks only content and merchandise.
4 exclusive tokens for 4 random franks. winners will receive the token and are invited to be the first foursome at the franks golf club.
play golf with the franks. access to franks only golf tournaments at IRL golf courses in the U.S.
the franks pro shop opens, exclusively for franks.
the goal is to get a private golf course for franks only. whether we build the golf course from scratch or buy an existing golf course is still open for discussion. bottom line, the franks need a place to play, and the modern club isn't suited for us. your token would give you access to exclusive events, tournaments, and gatherings at the franks golf club. decisions like location, layout, and course design will be influenced by the community.
read more about what the franks only project is all about here.
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